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IdeasCityWS will engage participants in new ideas and opportunities to explore how creative solutions can foster wellbeing in the city’s creative economic landscape. The program kicks off on October 8 with a series of events organized by NEW INC, the nation’s first museum-led incubator. Virtual “Beta Bonfires” will facilitate discussions about how art, entrepreneurship, technology and design can solve challenges facing mid-sized cities.

What is a Beta Bonfire?

A Beta Bonfire is a peer-to-peer event, moderated by a local creative economy leader where thematic case studies are presented by local entrepreneurs and NEW INC members and alum.

The goal is to engage local arts leaders and entrepreneurs in timely, solutions-based discussions. Following a progression of three Beta Bonfire events, NEW INC will present CAMP: A three-day intensive offering professional development workshops, mentoring and community building.

Click below to watch the Beta Bonfires